Boys Varsity Swimming, Girls Varsity Swimming · CMS, CHS swimmers win medals at region meet

Campbellsville middle and high school swim team members took home several medals after competing in the KHSAA Region Three meet on Saturday, Feb. 13, in Elizabethtown.

The top eight winners in each event received medals, and the CHS middle and high school teams took home medals in three events.

In the girls’ 200-yard medley relay, the CHS team of eighth-graders Isabella Osborne and Bailey Smith, junior Mallory Haley and senior Kathryn Doss took home seventh place out of 12 teams competing.

Doss, Haley, Smith and Osborne also finished seventh in the girls’ 200-yard freestyle relay.

CMS eighth-graders Gracyne Hash, Emily Rodgers, Aleah Knifley and Isabella Osborne finished the girls’ 400-yard freestyle relay in eighth place.

The CHS boys’ 200-yard medley relay team, made up of freshman Brandon Greer, sophomore Bryce Richardson and juniors Daniel Silva and Jon Tanner Coppage, received ninth place of 13 teams.

Silva, Coppage, Richardson and Greer finished the boys’ 200-yard freestyle relay in 11th place.

Junior Mallory Haley finished the girls’ 200-yard freestyle in 16th place.

Brandon Greer, a freshman, finished the boys’ 200-yard freestyle in 27th place.

Senior Kathryn Doss, swimming at her last meet with the CHS team, finished the girls’ 200-yard IM in 14th place.

In the girls’ 50-yard freestyle, eighth-grader Isabella Osborne finished 27th, eighth-grader Bailey Smith finished in 30th place, eighth-grader Gracyne Hash finished 36th and eighth-grader Aleah Knifley was 42nd.

Junior Daniel Silva finished in 20th place in the boys’ 50-yard freestyle. Sophomore Bryce Richardson was 22nd, junior Jon Tanner Coppage was 35th and sixth-grader Seth Hash was 43rd.

Mallory Haley, a junior, finished the girls’ 100-yard freestyle in 11th place. Eighth-grader Emily Rodgers was 37th, eighth-grader Aleah Knifley was 40th and freshman Natalie Caldwell finished in 44th place.

In the boys’ 100-yard freestyle, sophomore Bryce Richardson was 17th, junior Daniel Silva was 23rd, junior Jon Tanner Coppage was 33rd and sixth-grader Seth Hash was 41st.

Senior Kathryn Doss finished the girls’ 100-yard back stroke in 12th place. Eighth-grader Gracyne Hash was 24th.

Eighth-grader Bailey Smith finished the girls’ 100-yard breast stroke in 29th place.

Gavin Johnson, an eighth-grader, finished the boys’ 100-yard breast stroke in 26th place.

Overall, the girls’ team finished in eighth place of 15 teams and the boys’ in 13th place of 16 teams competing.

Combined scores put the CHS team in 12th place, out of 16 teams.

Regional competition ends this year’s CMS and CHS swim season.

Steve Doss coaches the CMS and CHS swim teams.


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