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Let me take a minute to say Thank You for each person that has linked up with the Campbellsville Schools through our FireFan fundraiser.

Just a reminder, our school is in the running for $1500 just by linking up with this free app. We need your help! For us to win, we need to have at least 250 new people download and join our Super Bowl game. This can be anyone in the world with an Android or Apple device. This can be your children, parents, grandparents, nieces, nephews or friends. It’s absolutely free and each time a game is played our school earns money.

Here is a minute video that explains this fundraiser https://vimeo.com/201898709/ff4f95ed87. Please take a minute to watch and see how our school benefits from this FREE APP.

There are two things I would like for each of you to do.

1. Download the app and join our Super Bowl game within the CHS Athletics league http://www.firefan.com/player-invite/81459299/chs-athletics/4d210384fa67c750c46bdf6e9edeb38c-e42724ca-e3f2-4454-8e38-2eb0e0ee0566
2. Copy this message and post on your social media sites so that we can engage more players in this app:

Our school is in a competition and we need your help!
The Super Bowl is coming up and we are hosting a game within FireFan. This is a free app that is played along with live sporting events. It’s multiple choice questions and is fun for the entire family.
We are competing against other schools for the chance to win $1,500 for our school! This is where you come in. We need 250 people to download and play in our Super Bowl game. This qualifies us for the contest. The winner is the school with the most people playing in their Super Bowl game. Once you join, please help us win by sharing with your friends and family!
Please use this link to be connected to our group! http://www.firefan.com/player-invite/81459299/chs-athletics/4d210384fa67c750c46bdf6e9edeb38c-e42724ca-e3f2-4454-8e38-2eb0e0ee0566
. See you in the game. Each person in your household can use this link to register their own account. Remember we need 250 new users by the end of the Super Bowl game. Will you help us by sharing?