Boys Varsity Track, Girls Varsity Track · CMS, CHS track teams compete

Campbellsville middle and high school track teams recently competed at LaRue and Taylor counties.

At the Taylor County meet on Thursday, March 21, the girls’ and boys’ teams each finished in fourth place.

In the girls’ 100-meter dash, Campbellsville Middle School eighth-grader Antaya Epps was fifth.

Gracie O’Rafferty, a sophomore, finished 10th. Jasmine Coro, a junior, was 11th and eighth-grader Whitney Frashure finished 13th.

In the girls’ 200-meter dash, Epps finished third and Coro was 10th.

CHS senior Christa Riggs was fifth in the girls’ 800-meter dash. Zoe McAninch, a junior, was sixth.

In the girls’ 4×100 relay, the CHS team was fourth. The team is made up of Frashure, Epps, Coro and freshman Abby Brisko.

In the girls’ high jump, McAninch finished in second and junior Haley Morris was fourth.

CHS senior Natalie Caldwell won the girls’ shot put.

Brisko was eighth, CMS seventh-grader Layla Steen finished 12th, junior Ashalique Adams was 13th and eighth-grader Amelia Christie was 15th.

In the girls’ discus throw, Caldwell was first. Morris was ninth and junior Siera Owens finished 11th.

In the boys’ races, in the 100-meter dash, senior Davon Cecil was seventh.

Tristan Johnson, a senior, finished ninth. Blase Wheatley, a sophomore, was 11th. CHS freshman Adrien Smith was 15th, CMS seventh-grader Dalton Morris was 17th, his classmate Tashaun Hart was 18th and senior Glenn Lamer finished 19th.

In the 200-meter dash, CHS senior Joe Pipes was first.

CHS senior Evan McAninch was fifth, Cecil finished seventh, junior Lathan Cubit was 12th and Smith was 13th.

In the 400-meter dash, Pipes was fifth, junior Mark Rigsby was ninth and sophomore Jeffrey Sustaita finished 13th. Luke VanWinkle, a freshman, was 17th.

VanWinkle finished the 800-meter dash in third.

CHS senior Ian McAninch finished the 1,600-meter run in second place.

In the boys’ 4×100 relay, the CHS team was second. The team is made up of Wheatley, Johnson and seniors Charlie Pettigrew and Daesean Vancleave.

The team finished the 4×200 in first. The team is made up of Pettigrew, Vancleave, Cecil and Pipes.

In the long jump, Wheatley was eighth and Sustaita was ninth.

In shot put, Campbellsville Middle School eighth-grader Levi Dicken was seventh, CHS junior Taekwon McCoy was eighth and eighth-grader Cameron Mahan was 13th.

And in discus, Dicken was fifth, Dalton Morris was eighth, McCoy was 11th and freshman Ryan Milburn was 15th.

The CMS track team competed in LaRue County on Tuesday, March 26.

Overall, the girls’ and boys’ teams each finished in fifth place.

In the girls’ 100-meter dash, Epps was fourth and Frashure was seventh.

Campbellsville Elementary School fifth-grader Kennedy Griffiths was 13th and classmates De’Asia Fisher and Nora Harris were 15th and 16th.

In the girls’ 200-meter dash, Epps finished third and Frashure was 13th. Griffiths, Harris and Fisher finished in 18th, 19th and 20th places, respectively.

The girls’ 4×100 relay team finished in fourth place. The team is made up of Frashure, Fisher, Griffiths and Epps.

In shot put, Christie finished third. She was also third in the discus throw.

For the boys’ team, in the 100-meter dash, Dalton Morris finished in fifth place and Hart was sixth. Eighth-grader Camren Vicari was 10th and CES fifth-grader Caysen Wise was 17th.

In the 200-meter dash, Vicari was seventh, Wise was eighth, Hart was ninth, Campbellsville Elementary School fourth-grader Aidan Wilson was 16th and CMS sixth-grader Will Wooley was 18th.

In the 400-meter dash, Wilson finished 10th, Wise was 11th and Wooley was 12th.

In the 4×100 relay, the CMS team was third. The team is made up of Hart, Dalton Morris, Mahan and Vicari.

In the boys’ long jump, Vicari was fourth and Wilson was ninth.

In shot put, Dicken finished second, Dalton Morris was fifth, eighth-grader Keondre Weathers was eighth and Mahan was 10th.

In discus throw, Dalton Morris was second, Dicken was third, Mahan was ninth and Weathers was 10th.

The CHS track team will compete on Friday, April 5, at Lindsey Wilson College.

The CMS team will compete again on Thursday, April 11, in LaRue County.

Katie Wilkerson and Steve Doss are the CMS and CHS track coaches.