Boys Varsity Swimming, Girls Varsity Swimming · CHS swim teams place at CU

Campbellsville High School swim teams recently competed at Campbellsville University.

The girls’ team finished in eighth place, and the boys’ team was seventh.

In the boys’ 50-meter butterfly, Campbellsville Elementary School fifth-grader Laityn Gray was fourth.

In the girls’ 100-meter freestyle, Campbellsville Middle School eighth-grader Mollie Bailey finished seventh.

CMS sixth-grader Natalie Contreras was 10th in the girls’ 50-meter backstroke.

In the boys’ 50-meter backstroke, Gray was fifth and CES fifth-grader Tye Rhodes was eighth.

Gray was third in the boys’ 50-meter breaststroke.

Contreras was 24th in the girls’ 50-meter freestyle.

Gray was seventh in the boys’ 50-meter freestyle. Rhodes was 15th and CMS sixth-grader Cody Tamez was 16th.

Gray was fourth in the boys’ 100-meter individual medley.

CHS senior Isabella Osborne was fourth in the girls’ 50-meter freestyle. Gracyne Hash, who is also a senior, was 10th. Aleah Knifley, a senior, was 34th and Bailey finished 40th.

In the boys’ 50-meter freestyle, freshman Seth Hash finished 16th, and senior Gavin Johnson was 17th. Tyler Smith, a freshman, was 23rd.

Osborne was eighth in the girls’ 100-meter freestyle. Bailey finished 33rd.

Seth Hash finished ninth in the boys’ 100-meter freestyle.

Gracyne Hash was seventh in the girls’ 100-meter backstroke. Smith finished 11th in the boys’ event.

Knifley finished 15th in the girls’ 100-meter breaststroke.

And Johnson was third in the boys’ 100-meter breaststroke.

Steve Doss is the CHS swim coach.